Cloud Call Center

Complete Call Center Software

Make way for both your internal & external business communications. Yeastar P-Series PBX System tightly integrates call center and unified communications capability to put everything you need on a single, integrated system. With it, utilize the best-in-class automatic routing, effective agent tools, and up-to-the-minute analytics & reports, together with the superior built-in phone system and UC&C functions to impress your customer, empower your agents, and elevate your business.

Automated Call Distribution

Connect customers with the right agents at the right time. Take advantage of advanced automatic routing, 6 pre-defined ACD queueing (ringing) strategies, customizable IVR options and more features that drive faster call resolution.

Time-based Routing Choice-based Routing with IVR ACD Queuing Simultaneous Call Distribution (Ring All) Fixed-Order Call Distribution (Linear) Rotary Call Distribution (Rrmemory)

Agent & Supervisor Portal

Provide all the tools your agents and supervisors needed in one single interface. The dynamic, streamlined Queue Panel makes it easy for you to monitor queue traffic, check & switch agent status, and quickly conduct call operations like transfer, monitor, parking – within drag & drop or a simple click.

Drag & Drop Call Management ,Visualized Active & Waiting Calls ,Complete View of Agent Status ,Real-time Queue Metrics Display ,Role-based Feature Access Control

Instant Performance Snapshot

Discover up-to-the-minute call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) from the central call center Wallboard. All data are auto-calculated in real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly interval for your in-depth call center monitoring, management & optimization.

16 Key Performance Metrics

Real-time Monitoring

Flexible Calculation Time Frame

Customizable Widgets

Multi-screen Display

What you really need are the most important features that typically come with a large call center application, but within a small business budget.

So let’s look at what small contact centers actually need in their call center software and how they can get all the features they need (and more) without spending a fortune.