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Phoenix Egypt

We promise what we can deliver

Established in 1994 with the Vision to lead the information technology market towards a new era of Open Source technology.

Our Mission

To assure customer satisfaction, user friendliness as well as complete compatibility, by providing end to end products and services to profitable implementation of Linux Open Source technology and to ultimately guarantee profitability for our shareholders and Partners.

Our Objectives

  • Qualifying market opportunities.
  • Crystallizing client needs and fulfilling their expectations.
  • Ensuring advantages and prominent value-added for our alliances and clients.
  • Protecting our customers’ satisfaction and growth.
  • Our Strategy

    Keeping our corporate vision ahead, and carrying out our responsibilities to achieve our mission, we have adopted a corporate strategy, which is based on the following principles:

  • Maximum Quality of rendered services and offered products
  • Optimum Support that is far beyond customer satisfaction
  • Competitive Pricing that is second to no one
  • Partners in success with our customers
  • Strong loyalty for our Partners and customers.